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gmail – How to move emails to a folder

If you use gmail, you can save messages in folders.  The folders you have are shown down the left hand side of the page; you will have at least: Inbox, Sent Mail, Spam.

When you are reading an email, you see the icons across the top of the page, like this:

google folder


If you click on the 5th icon from the right, which looks like a folder, a window opens with a list of available folders that you can move the email into.   Google, rather confusingly, refers to them as “labels”.  Click on the folder you want, and the emails will be filed there.

If you want to create a new folder, at the bottom of the window it says Create New.  Click on that, give the folder a name, in the box under where it ways Please Enter a New Label Name, and then click Create.  The new folder will be created, and your email moved into it.

If you are looking at your inbox, and you can see several emails that could be saved into a folder, click into the box to the left of each email you want to move (the box will get a tick in it).  You can then move them to a folder all at the same time, by clicking on the folder icon as above.


File and Folder options – to Click or Double Click, Use check boxes

Did you know you can change your computer set up and decide if you want to click or double click to open a file?

Click on Start then Control Panel

Choose Appearance and Personalization

Choose Folder Options – a new window will open.

There are all sorts of options in here – you can choose to single click or double click to open an item. If you click on the View tab,  there is a whole list of things you can change – for example you could “Use check boxes to select items” – this is a particularly useful one, because it makes it a lot easier to see what items you have selected, for instance when you are copying or moving photos around.


If you have a newer version of Windows you may have come across Libraries; we have Windows 7 and we have them.  For me, the penny has only just dropped as to what they are for!

Libraries are like folders in lots of ways; you can view your files in the same way, you can arrange them by name, or date, or author.   So what is the difference? And what is the point?  A folder is the location where your files are stored; if you move files to other folders you are changing the location where the files are stored.  A library gathers files from several different locations; a library doesn’t actually store your files, it monitors the folders that do, and lets you arrange the files in various ways.  For instance, I keep the bulk of my photos on an external hard disk; I only keep the most up to date photos on my main PC.  If I wanted to look through my photos to find something, I would need to look on my main PC and then also look on the external hard drive.  If I add both those places to my photos library, I can look at all my photos; I can sort them all; and the really brilliant thing which makes libraries worth while for me, is that if I have tagged all my photos, I can sort the photos within the library by tag.  So, if I want to find a photo from one of our holidays in France, I arrange my photo library by tags and then I can easily browse all the photos with the tag “France”.   Try it!

Organise photos with two windows open

There are lots of different ways to organise your photos; I put mine into folders and sub-folders – I have a folder for 2011, and then within that I have sub-folders with names like “Summer Holiday” or “Wales Visit”. When you upload your photos from your camera, you can specify which folder to put them in at the time; if you already have photos in “My Pictures” and want to put them into folders, here is one way to do it.

Open “My Pictures”. To create a folder for 2011 photos: Click on the New Folder tab – a new folder is created and you need to type in the name, so type 2011 then hit Enter.
Open the folder you just created.
Create a sub folder called “Holiday”. Click on the New Folder tab again, type Holiday, then hit enter. Open this new folder.
You have opened the folder “Holiday” in the current open window. If you look at this open window, it will say “Holiday” somewhere at the top – this tells you where you are – when you are in this window, you are in the folder you created, called “Holiday”.
We’re going to set up two windows side by side, so you want this open window to only use part of the screen. (The post “Open two windows” is similar to this.)
Look at the top right of the window; you will see three symbols, an X (which closes the window) and two others to the left of the X. One will minimise the window, the middle one will maximise the window, or, if it is already maximised, will make it a bit smaller.
Make sure the window is NOT maximised – so it’s not taking up the whole screen. Move the cursor over the right hand edge of the window – the cursor will change to a double headed arrow – when you get this, hold down the left button of the mouse and drag the edge of the window to the left, making the window narrower. Now, hover the cursor over the strip at the top of the window; hold down the left button of the mouse – you can move the window around on the screen.

Now to open the second window. Open “My Pictures” again as if you were starting from the beginning again (NOT by opening it from “Holiday”). You need to click on “My Computer” or “My Documents”, whichever you have on the desktop, and start from there again.

Once you have navigated to “My Pictures”, make sure it isn’t taking up the whole screen, as above. As above, make this window narrower, then move it over to the left of your screen. You should be able to play about with the two windows so you can see them both easily.

To move a photo from “My Pictures” into “Holiday”: click on the photo, hold the left button of the mouse down, drag the photo across to the other window, and let go. This is easier to do if you can view your pictures as “Medium Icons” or “Large Icons” – somewhere on your window there will be a tab “View” which allows you to change the way you look at the pictures in the folder (it’s in different places depending on how your PC is set up). Try the various options and see what suits you. Note that if you are using Windows 7, the tab doesn’t say “View” instead it’s a little icon next but one to the blue question mark.

OK, so now you can drag your photos one by one from “My Pictures” into “Holiday”.
Feeling adventurous? Maybe you have six photos next to each other and want to move them all. Click on the first one, then hold down the Shift key and click on the last one. That should select the whole set. Hover the cursor over the first one again, hold down the left button, drag over to the other window, let go.
Now let’s do something a bit more whacky… Maybe you have six photos dotted about that all need to be moved. Click on the first one, hold down the CTRL key, and click on each of the others. Hover the cursor over the first one again, hold down the left button, drag over to the other window, let go.