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Print a list of all the files in a folder

To print a list of all the files in a folder,  hold down the SHIFT key and Right Click on the folder.  Select Open Command Window here.  When the window opens, type dir > printit.txt, then press Enter.  There will be a new file, printit.txt, in the folder.  You can Right Click on this to print it, or double click on it to open in Notepad.

File and Folder options – to Click or Double Click, Use check boxes

Did you know you can change your computer set up and decide if you want to click or double click to open a file?

Click on Start then Control Panel

Choose Appearance and Personalization

Choose Folder Options – a new window will open.

There are all sorts of options in here – you can choose to single click or double click to open an item. If you click on the View tab,  there is a whole list of things you can change – for example you could “Use check boxes to select items” – this is a particularly useful one, because it makes it a lot easier to see what items you have selected, for instance when you are copying or moving photos around.

SEARCH function

If you have Windows 7, there is a search function which is sometimes handy.  If you are looking in a folder to find a file, and you know what sort of file it is – a picture, document, video etc, but you can’t remember what you called it, if you type ‘kind:’ into the search box on the top right like this:

search boxthen follow that with =picture, or =video, then Windows will search that folder for that type of file. (If this image is too small to see properly, click on it and it will enlarge.)

Sadly, I think it only works for folders, not for libraries.