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In Outlook create a distribution list by copying names from an e-mail message

To create your own copy of a distribution list, open Outlook and go to the message that you want to copy the names from.

Click the names in the To or CC box, and highlight all of the names.  Right click with the mouse, and then click Copy.

In Mail, on the Home tab, click on New Items, then click More Items, then click Contact Group. A new window will open.
In the Name box, type your name for the distribution list (eg, Friday Walkers).
Click on Add Members, and then click on From Address Book, and another new window opens.  At the bottom of this new window, click into the box to the right of Members, then right click with the mouse, then click Paste.  All your e-mail addresses should appear in the box.  Click OK.

(If at this point another window, Check Names, opens saying that Outlook does not recognise the e-mail names, click Cancel, and then navigate through your list of names replacing all commas (,) with semi colons (;).)

Now click OK, and your e-mails will appear as a list.  Now click on Save & Close.

You have saved your distribution list.  When you want to use it, create a new e-mail, and in the To field, type the name of your distribution list.  (If you click on the little plus next to it, the list will expand out to show all the names.)  Now write your e-mail as usual.