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Add a check box in a document

The easiest way to add a check box to a document in Word, is to go to Insert, Symbol, and then More Symbols.  Find the square box shaped symbol, click on it, and click Insert.  (Close the Symbols window now.) To change the size of the box, select (highlight) it, then return to the Home tab, and increase the font size until the box is the size you want.

File and Folder options – to Click or Double Click, Use check boxes

Did you know you can change your computer set up and decide if you want to click or double click to open a file?

Click on Start then Control Panel

Choose Appearance and Personalization

Choose Folder Options – a new window will open.

There are all sorts of options in here – you can choose to single click or double click to open an item. If you click on the View tab,  there is a whole list of things you can change – for example you could “Use check boxes to select items” – this is a particularly useful one, because it makes it a lot easier to see what items you have selected, for instance when you are copying or moving photos around.