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Windows 8 – Create a short cut on the desktop

In Windows 8, you can find programs or apps like Word by going to the Start screen, using the Down Arrow, and then browsing your list of Apps.  When you find the app you want, you can right click on it and choose to Pin to Start or Pin to taskbar.

If you would like an icon on your desktop, then right click on the app, and choose Open file location.  This opens an explorer window on the desktop. Now right click on your chosen app and choose Send to then choose Desktop (create shortcut).  You wlill now have an icon on your desktop for your chosen app.

Your new Windows 8 computer – check for updates

When you first get your new Windows 8 computer, the best thing to do is check for updates – chances are, there will be quite a few, which will take a while to download and install.  You are probably keen to start using it, but if you can restrain yourself until you’ve got all the updates, it will make life easier.

Also, if you have a lap top using WIFI, it can be useful to connect it up to the home hub with an ethernet cable while you’re downloading – it might be quicker, and it’s less likely lose connection half way through.

One of the really great things about Windows 8, is that if you are on the Start screen – the one that comes up, with all the “Tiles” – and you want to find something, you can just type.  So, type: ‘control panel’  ; on the left of the screen, results will appear as you type, so once you see Control Panel appear, click on it, and the old familiar control panel will open.

Now click on System and Security
Now click on Windows Update, then Check for updates. If it comes back with “xx important updates are available” then click on that, and then on the next window, click on Install. Then make a cup of tea!

These are all Windows updates, and you will probably need to restart your computer once they are done.

It is also useful to check for updates to apps.  To do this, click on the Store tile. Once it’s open, right click, and then click on Your Apps at the top of the screen.  This will show what apps you have, and if any of them have updates ready to install.  If they do, install them.