Add a text box to a word document

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Here’s how to add a text box to a Word document:

Open the Word document how you normally do.
Choose “Insert” from the options along the top.

The main part of the ribbon has changed now to give you different options – choose “Text Box”.  If this now opens a new window, click on the “Simple Text Box” option, and a text box will appear in you document.  If a text box does not appear, but the cursor changes to a “+” shape, then hold down the left mouse button and drag diagonally to draw a box.

You can resize the box, type in it, colour it…………

If you already have some text in your document, the Text Box may be sitting on top of your text.  To change how this looks, you need to format the box.  The Format tab may have opened automatically, in which case you will see an option “Position” in the top ribbon.  Click on this, and as you move the mouse over the choices, word shows you how your text box will look.  Choose the one that suits what you want to do.  (if the Format tab didn’t open automatically, click on it, then choose “Position”.)


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2 thoughts on “Add a text box to a word document

  1. Eliane Mackintosh

    Both tips, about working on two documents on screen and inserting a box are very useful. Thank you.
    Maybe managing a table well – also inserted into a text – might be a helpful tip.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Eliane,
      Thank you for your comments! There is a very short post on adding a table – if you type ‘add a table’ into the search box on the right of the page, it will come up (you have to click on the title to see the whole post). I will add another one (about adding and deleting rows and columns) soon.


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