Monthly Archives: November 2015

Add a check box in a document

The easiest way to add a check box to a document in Word, is to go to Insert, Symbol, and then More Symbols.  Find the square box shaped symbol, click on it, and click Insert.  (Close the Symbols window now.) To change the size of the box, select (highlight) it, then return to the Home tab, and increase the font size until the box is the size you want.

Print a list of all the files in a folder

To print a list of all the files in a folder,  hold down the SHIFT key and Right Click on the folder.  Select Open Command Window here.  When the window opens, type dir > printit.txt, then press Enter.  There will be a new file, printit.txt, in the folder.  You can Right Click on this to print it, or double click on it to open in Notepad.