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Windows 8.1 Autozoom and Trackpad settings

Sometimes the Trackpad or Clickpad on your lap top is too sensitive – you do so much as breathe on it and the screen changes…  You can change some of the settings which might help.

Go to Control Panel, and search for Mouse.  (A quick way to get to the Control Panel from the Desktop is to Right Click on the Start Screen symbol at the bottom left corner of the screen, then choose Control Panel.)

From here, it depends on your laptop – you need to look for something like Change Mouse Settings, or Clickpad Settings or Trackpad Settings.  Once you have the Trackpad Settings window, you can disable any features which drive you mad (like Pinch Zoom).

You can also change the sensitivity of the Trackpad: if you click on the arrow to the left of Pointing, you can then choose Sensitivity.  See also my earlier post Change the Sensitivity of the trackpad on your laptop.