Monthly Archives: May 2015

Out of date Support info

This is a rant – so probably not of much interest, but it makes me feel better!

I needed to set up a form on a website hosted by Freestart. A form requires that some processing is done by the website server, but this should be routine and hassle free.  I started by going to the Freestart Support documentation to find out how to call the appropriate routines for the Freestart server to process the form, and followed those instructions.  When that didn’t work, I called the Support Team.  Their response was that the information on that page was “out of date by 7 or 8 years” and that the “page should have been taken down”.  They suggested I go on google to find out how to process a form.

I was recommended to Simfatic Forms; I went to Simfatic Forms, bought their software, and generated a form.  The form generation was really easy, and the Simfatic Support team were really great, and very helpful; the form did most of the processing on the client side, but made a call to the PHP Mail function.  The form I generated didn’t work on the Freestart server (although an almost identical form worked on another server); I went back to their Support team for help, to be told basically that it was my problem.  Each time I tried to point out that making a call to the PHP Mail function is standard stuff, and should simply work, I was told by the Support team that it was not their job to debug my code – even though that’s not what I was asking for.  I gave up with PHP Mail, and switched to using SMTP mail to process the form; this required an IP address supplied by Freestart, and an email account and login.  The form still didn’t work.  Eventually Freestart gave me a different IP address which did work, and all is now OK.

A frustrating experience!