Monthly Archives: August 2014

Change the sensitivity of the trackpad on your laptop

I have a HP laptop running Windows 8, and this worked for me.  Your laptop may vary slightly, but the steps should be similar.

Open the Control Panel.  (Using the screen charms, choose Settings, then Control Panel).

Choose Hardware and Sound.

Your touchpad should be listed, click on Settings.

A new window opens, click on the arrow left of Pointing.

Click on Sensitivity.  On mine, I then get a “cog wheel” next to Sensitivity; I click on that, and I get a slider to adjust the sensitivity from Light Touch to Heavy Touch.  Move the slider, click Close, then OK, then close the Control Panel.

Find and change hidden files and folders

On Windows 8:
type Folder search and options into start page, then click on Change search options for files and folders

On Windows 7:
Go to Start, then Control Panel, then Appearance and Personalization, then click Folder Options

Windows 8 and 7:
Choose View, then Advanced settings, and choose Show hidden files, folders or drives.

Click Apply, then OK.

Press win(windows logo key)+r, and type %userprofile% and press enter.

A window with your userprofile opens.  To check the properties of the Temp folder, navigate Appdata/Local then right click on Temp and choose Properties. Choose the Securities tab, then choose Advanced.  Edit the permissions if you need to do so.


Synchronizing across devices

I have a Blackberry Q5 smartphone (running OS10), an ipad, a PC running Windows 7 and a lap top running Windows 8.  I was synchronizing my phone with Outlook on my PC to sync calendar and contacts, and then syncing my ipad with Outlook by connecting to itunes on the PC.

I created a new email address <<myname>>, and set that up on all my devices, set to synchronize contacts and calendar, and now everything is in sync, all the time!  Lovely!