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In Excel, subtract or add time values

If you want to add or subtract times, as in hours and minutes, in Excel, you do it in exactly the same way as you manipulate other numbers, but you must tell Excel you are working in hours and minutes by formatting the cells as hh:mm (or one of the other time formats).

To do this, select the cells you are going to use, right click, format, and choose hh:mm (or one of the other time formats).

Then, subtracting 9:02 from 16:30 will give you 7:28.


Format Painter in Excel

I can never remember how to use the Format Painter in Excel.

Select the shape, text, or cell that has the format which you want to copy.

(Excel may then show the Format Painter symbol – a paint brush, but if it doesn’t then…)

On the Home tab, click on Format Painter (double click if you want to copy to multiple locations)

Select the shape, text, or cell that needs to be formatted – you can drag the pointer across a range of cells if you want to.

To stop formatting, press ESC.

To copy a column width, select the heading of the first column, click Format Painter, then click on the heading of the column you want to apply the width to.

To find which programs run at Startup

To find out which programs run when you start up your PC:

Click on Start, and type msconfig into the search box.  Then click on msconfig.exe.

The window which opens lists all the programs which run at start up; you can choose to disable individual programs, which may make startup quicker.

On Windows 8, open the Task Manager by holding down the Ctrl key, and the Alt key, and press the delete key.  Choose Task Manager. Choose the Start-up tab.

Do a Virus scan

This is a link to a page by Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert, which gives a list of free programmes which will scan your computer for viruses.  The programmes are from safe sources, and are free to download and run.  I tried the microsoft one, and it found no errors on my PC.
If you have anti-virus software on your PC which is up to date, you should be fine.

You may need to know what version of Windows you have on your PC in order to download the right version of the virus scan program.  To find out what version of windows you have, click on Start,  then right click on Computer, and click on Properties.

(For Windows 8, on the Start screen type “windows version” then choose “See if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows”