Monthly Archives: March 2014

Windows 8 – Log in without a password

I find it really annoying to have to type in my password every time I use my Windows 8 lap top!

Here’s how to disable that:

Open the Run window  (press the Windows key + R), and type in “netplwiz” this will open the User Accounts dialog box. Uncheck the box near the top that says “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.” Click OK, and enter the username and password one last time to confirm your choice, and then logging in is a thing of the past!

You may also want to change the settings so that you don’t have to type a password very time you wake the lap top from sleep – those times when you shut the lid, but don’t shut down the lap top, and then wake it up by opening the lid again.  To do this, go to the Start screen and type “Sign”, then choose Sign-in Options, then at the bottom where it says Password Policy, if it says Password required when waking this PC from sleep, click on Change, and then Change again, and you will no longer need to enter your password.

Useful tip for comparing items on different web sites

When you are using a search engine like Google, to search for an item – say, brown leather gloves – you type “brown leather gloves” into the search box, and then you get a whole list of possibilities.  A useful tip for comparing the different results is to open them each in new tabs (or pages) in the browser, then you can move from one to the next and back again by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

To do this, when you click on a link, instead of using the left button of the mouse, click with the centre wheel – this will open the link in a new tab (or page).  Click on several links – as many as you like – then left click as usual on the tabs at the top of the page.

If you aren’t using a mouse, or the centre wheel click doesn’t work, you can right click and choose “Open link in new tab” .

If you are using a touch screen device, press and hold the link, and then choose “open in new tab”


Windows 8 – Search

On Windows 8 if you want to search for something, e.g. “check for updates” if you are on the Start screen, simply type “check for updates” and the search function will open and then show your results.

If you click on a possible search result, and then want to go back, move the mouse (or whatever you are using) up to the top left corner – the search results will be displayed – click (or tap) to view them again.