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Printing Address Labels from Outlook contacts

This is a useful way of printing address labels from Outlook contacts if you’ve got a batch of labels to do; it’s a bit long winded just for one or two.  (I’ve never found a quick way to do just a single label; I use copy and paste.)

An earlier post
Printing Address Labels with Word
goes through the steps for printing address labels, but if you have several different folders of contacts within Outlook, that method may not let you choose the folder containing the contacts you want.  For instance, you might have contacts in a Work folder and in a Home folder, and you wish to print labels for one or the other.

So, open Outlook.  Select the contacts folder that you want to use, then click on Mail Merge in the top ribbon.  You get a dialog box (like the one below), choose Mailing Labels at the bottom, then click OK.

Mail Merge Contacts

Then you get something like this:

outlook2Click Setup, and you get to choose your labels, then click Close.

You now get a Word document set up with lots of blank labels, and you need to go through the process of Edit Recipient List, Address Block, Match Fields, Update Labels, Finish and Merge.  For detailed instructions on all of this, please see my post
Printing Address Labels with Word