Monthly Archives: November 2012

Desktop shortcut to a web page

If there is a web site (or web page) that you use a lot – say Sainsbury’s, or Tesco’s or Ebay, you can add a shortcut for that place on to the desktop; next time you want to go there just double click the shortcut and away you go.

To create the shortcut in Internet Explorer (IE):

Open up IE, and navigate to the site, lets say Ebay.  At the top of the page in the ribbon there is a window which shows what page you are on – so once you’ve got to Ebay, it will say  Just to the left of that, there is a tiny little symbol – for Ebay it’s a little multi-coloured shopping bag.  Click and drag this on to your desk top – it will create the shortcut for you.  (Different sites have different icons – Tesco have a T, Sainsbury an S and so on – the method is the same, click and drag the little icon to the desktop.)

To create the shortcut in Google Chrome:

If you use Google Chrome, at the top of the page on the ribbon on the right hand side you should have a spanner symbol.  Click on that, then click on Tools. (If Tools isn’t under the spanner symbol, see if there’s a symbol like a cog wheel, and click on that, then Tools.)  Then click on Create Application Shortcuts, and tick the box for desktop.  The shortcut is created.


Zoom shortcut for browsers

A quick tip when you are browsing the internet – if the text on the page is too small to read easily, the quickest way to zoom in and make it bigger is to hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and use the scroll wheel on the mouse. You can zoom in and out to your heart’s content!  It works for Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, AOL and maybe others.