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Using Word: Insert a picture, with a caption, and position it anywhere on your page.

When you are adding pictures to your Word documents, the best way to get them exactly where you want them in the text is to use a Text Box.  Using a Text Box means you can give your picture a caption which stays with the picture wherever you move it.

Open your document, and put the cursor roughly where you want your picture.  On the top ribbon, choose Insert, then Text Box, then draw your text box.  Type in a caption for the picture.  [If the caption is to go above the picture, then do a Carriage Return after it, to get a blank line below the caption.  If the caption is to go below the picture, move the cursor to just in front of the caption, and do a Carriage Return, to get a blank line above the caption.]

To add your picture, click above (or below) the caption, then go to the ribbon and choose Insert.  A new window will open to let you browse and find the picture you want; click on the picture to select it, then click on Insert at the bottom of the window.  Your picture appears in the text box.

Using text boxes 1At this point, you can change the size of the picture by dragging  the edges or the corners; the text box will re-size itself around it.  If you want to re-size the text box, click on ITS edge, then re-size it without affecting the picture size.

OK, the picture is the right size, but it looks like it is sitting on top of the text.  When the text box is selected, you should see a tab above the ribbon called Format – click on it.  Choose Position, and then pick the one you like the look of.  I’ve chosen to put my picture in the middle of the text, with the text wrapping around it.  Try the different options and see which you like.  Don’t worry that the picture is not at the point in the document where you want it to be – we will sort that out next.

Using text boxes 2

Now, with the text box still selected move the mouse over it so that the cursor changes to look like a four pointed star, as in the picture below.

Using text boxes 3

You can now drag the box anywhere in your document.  If you want to “fine tune” its position, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to do so.